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Education is the Key

For over a decade, education for girls has been identified as one of the best solutions to reversing the relentless trend of poverty and disease in portions of sub-Saharan Africa.

Recent studies confirm that girls who complete primary and secondary education tend to marry later, have smaller families and earn significantly higher wages. Educating a girl changes her destiny, as well as those of her future children, and ensures that she can contribute to the economic life of her community.


Girls in rural areas of Africa are excluded from education not because of cultural resistance or unwillingness, but because of poverty—the main barrier to girls’ education.



Kaya Trust is a charitable incorporated organisation to be established in England and registered as a charity with the Charity Commission of England and Wales. Kaya Trust operates alongside Kaya Safari, a family-owned company incorporated in Tanzania, which is developing Mlimabuti Lodge in the Radilen Wildlife Management Area on the border of Tarangire National Park. Kaya Trust is funded by donations from Kaya Safari and others.


The objects of Kaya Trust are to improve education in the villages surrounding Tarangire National Park and the Radilen Wildlife Management Area. Kaya Trust will improve education through focusing on two primary objectives: (1) improving educational infrastructure, such as new school houses and school supplies and materials; and (2) providing scholarships to universities that focus on educating teachers (with a focus on female students).


The goal is to (1) create viable alternative sources of employment for locals and limit the poaching and illegal charcoal burning that is often used as a source of revenue for locals; (2) promote the conservation, protection and improvement of natural resources, including wildlife, and promote responsible and sustainable use of these resources; (3) educate locals on subjects pertaining to the conservation, protection and enjoyment of the environment; and (4) promote sustainable development for the benefit of locals by the preservation, conservation and protection of the environment and the prudent use of natural resources.

Trust Profile

Kaya Trust


Founded: 2013


Type: Charity

Mission:  Promoting education in villages surrounding Tarangire National Park in Tanzania


Kaya Trust

Past Initiatives


  • 25 desks and chairs were constructed and delivered to Naitolia Village school
  • Old floors were removed and replaced with poured concrete in two classrooms at the Naitolia Village school
  • Tractor was donated to Radilen Wildlife Management Area for use in building roads and stopping illegal charcoal burning

Kaya Trust